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Learn more about the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings ESG Port functionality and data.

The Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings provide a fair, open and transparent system for rating and ranking the Environmental, Social, Governance and Composite ESG performance of over 4,600 companies worldwide.

The ratings are based on a review of approximately 220 separate criteria of environmental, social and governance practices.

Ratings are scaled with 52 separate industries and nine different regions.

The ESG Port may be used in the following ways:

  • Access current and historical ratings and rankings for individual companies
  • Create and download new portfolios
  • Upload existing portfolios, populate them with ESG ratings and rankings and then download them to your PC
  • Download constituent data, ratings and rankings for the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices

The Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings offer a timely and effective comparative basis for the “best-in-breed” ESG performance of companies worldwide.

To request a free 30-day trial or further information, please send an e-mail to trcri@snetworkinc.com


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